The ST Andrews Environmental Protection Association Limited

The Association has been set up with the aim of protecting the environment of St Andrews and North East Fife.

Proposed development at the West Sands

The site and the building of the proposed West Sands Visitor Centre in St Andrews are not acceptable from several perspectives.

  1. It is in the recently designated Green Belt, which should not be built on for the next twenty years, and conflicts with Policy E17 in the adopted Local Plan.

  2. It is in an area of great natural beauty close to the West Sands and the sea.

  3. The building of five 48-foot high wind turbines and a possible biomass plant beside the centre as originally proposed is totally inappropriate in this sensitive area. (I note that, according to this morning’s St Andrews Citizen, this part of the proposed development has now been abandoned.)

  4. The proposed development will be very visible from the Links and from many hotels which look over this area to St Andrews Bay.  Such development is not compatible not only with the preservation of the unique landscape from the environmental point of view, but also from the preservation of beautiful views from the tourist perspective.  St Andrews depends on the tourist industry to a very great extent and blighting such a lovely area is unnecessary.

  5.  A two-storey building will have a disproportionate impact on the area.

There have been several objections to this proposal, not least from Harbours, Flood and Coasts and from the Council’s Urban Design department, which refers to the ‘visual clutter’ of the turbines.  It is hoped that their concerns will be addressed in detail and that any supplementary information will be made available to the public.
Finally, I believe that there is a requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment given the location in the Green Belt and the sensitivity of the area.  Such is not to date part of the planning application.

Sandra Thomson, on behalf of the St Andrews Environmental Protection Association (STEPAL)


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