Statement by Bill Sangster on behalf of the North East Fife Community Safety Panel

We object to this plan for a new single site school at Pipeland because of road safety and crime prevention issues if it goes ahead.

Yes we agree that a new single site school should be built, but it should be built in the right place for the future.

It has to be remembered that according to the Local Plan we can expect 1200 new homes in St Andrews west and the possibility of a further 700 or so towards the Tay Bridgehead in the next 10 to 20 years.
How many more pupils will that produce and how many extra buses to transport them to school from out-with St Andrews?

There would be about 76 school bus trips travelling the 1.3 miles from the entrance to town and Pipeland and return each school day.

They have to encounter 5 roundabouts and 6 controlled crossings to get to Pipelands site. This alone will cause a huge traffic build up at a very busy time of the working day. The Transport Scotland Statement states “which is not likely to have a significant impact on the operation of the trunk road network” we disagree with this statement.

The plans for the area around the Community Hospital and roundabout are really going to make the situation worse, with more controlled crossings and build up of traffic. Will there be any prospect of enough land for expansion at the Hospital if this is required in the future, if this school is built at Pipeland. The noise during development of the new school will not be of any comfort to Patients in the Hospice Ward in the Community Hospital, and more so once the school is in operation.

What we must also remember is that all 3 Emergency Services – Police, Fire and Ambulance Services have to use the Largo Road and this can only be to their disadvantage.

There has been no mention of the 800 or so students travelling to lectures and study daily or the fact that primary school pupils crossing Largo Road from the town’s heavily populated district to get to Cannongate and Lawhead schools.

There is also the Sheltered Housing complex along by the proposed drop off and pick up area on Scooniehill Road, they must be shown some consideration, as elderly residents need to cross this road and make their way to the Scooniehill Centre.

The lighting for the sports fields which are next to the housing along Scooniehill Road area and Lamberton Place will cause light pollution.

SEPA have mentioned that this site “may be at risk of flooding” well we have had many occasions of flooding in the past already from these fields, and many households have suffered the outcome of that.

All surface water from this development is planned to run into the Kinnessburn, a tidal river, which is running at maximum at the moment and any fluctuation or mismanagement of the system, or settings, will cause more flooding in the Kinnessburn area. Residents in that area have had difficulty in the past getting house insurance because of the flooding issue.

There are 2 sites available on the West of town, Langlands and the North Haugh sites, which would mean that there will be no requirement to have two Gas Main Pipelines to move, or a large SUDS development to fund and maintain if this school is built off the A91 before entering town.

These 2 sites on the West of town on University land are more suited and are still on the table for discussion, would serve the town and the education of our young people far better.

If this was possible it may be a solution to having an empty boarded up “A” listed Madras College building in the centre of town having to be made secure and vandal proof by Council for many years to come. We are told that this building can only be used for educational purposes, so who else but the University would possibly wish to use it.

We have this opportunity to keep these buses out of town for the next 40-50 years or so and to allow the St Andrews community to go about their daily business in a safe and more secure way.

The Panel hope that you can take these issues into consideration when you have to make your decision.