Objection by Marysia Denyer

Residents in Lamberton Place, Jamie Anderson Place and Scooniehill Road have not received a Neighbour Notification letter at any point in the PPP process, which highlights a serious flaw in Fife Council's consultation procedures.

  • There are serious safety issues for the sheltered housing residents living on Scooniehill Road, in using this area as a proposed “drop off “ point for pupils coming by car and/or bicycle. There is no pedestrian crossing to give them safe access to the Scooniehill Community Centre.

  • Emergency services from the nearby Ambulance station could be compromised by using the road as a “drop off “ zone and restricting access to the Largo Road junction.

  • No 43 Lamberton Place was totally flooded in 2008 and the resident decanted for nine months. Two holding tanks installed in the grassed area behind her house, now appear to have sunk.

  • Fife Council propose to address this problem at Pipelands with the installation of a SUDS system This does not fill me with confidence or provide assurance that it will protect nearby properties.
    It does not alleviate flooding but will only reduce the impact. It will also require regular maintenance which, given Fife Council's track record, does not fill me with confidence.

  • With the “all weather” sports pitch now being moved further down the slope, this change is likely
    to have a considerable impact on the homes in the area. The bright floodlighting will be seriously
    detrimental to the residents quality of life, caused by unecessary light pollution.

Finally, I would urge councillors to look at the “bigger picture” and ask themselves, “Is this really the best and only available place to build a school fit for future generations of pupils”? With the prospect of 1,000+ houses being built on the western extension, then I feel that it is Fife Council's duty to think again. Securing an alternative site at the western approaches would be a proactive move by our local councillors, educationalists and planners. Siting the new Madras at Pipelands on the southern hillside, on land recently designated as Green Belt is not the way forward for our town and its residents, be they young or old.