Presentation by Graham Wynd

With a degree in civil engineering, 40 yearsí experience as a management consultant, the last 20 specialising in project management, am very concerned that some essential project management basics are not apparent from materials submitted to date, e.g.

  • Who has overall accountability for delivering the project successfully?  Who is accountable for this stage of the project?
  • Who are regarded as key stakeholders?  How are they involved in the governance of the project?
  • Understand that the total budget is £40 million, and that almost £1 million has been spent to date.  What is budget for this stage?  Will it be overspent?
  • Where is the cost breakdown?  What is the latest cost estimate?
  • What risks have been identified?  What are the most important risks?  How are they being managed? 

Without following project management good practice, impossible to have confidence that the new school can be delivered.

In discussion that followed, points included:

  • One Councillor asked that risk register be available. I responded: risk register only start. Identification of most important risks, plan for managing them, and follow-up much more important.
  • Cllr Thomson suggested cost not a material planning consideration. Legal officer gave ambivalent advice. I responded: in public interest, ability to keep costs under control surely vital to confidence in deliverability of project.
  • Cllr Poole said fact that Dunfermline High was completed on time and under budget demonstrated Education Servicesís ability to implement. Response: Dunfermline didnít have the technical and planning problems of Pipeland.