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The Association has been set up with the aim of protecting the environment of St Andrews and North East Fife.

Gatty Marine Laboratory

STEPAL response to Planning Application: 16/00044/FULL

Gatty Marine Laboratory, Woodburn Place St Andrews Fife KY16 8LB.

STEPAL is a registered charity concerned with the protection of the environment of St Andrews and surrounding areas.

While welcoming the general principle to extend and develop the Marine Laboratory to modern standards, we consider there are shortcomings in the way the application has been produced, which means that, for the present, we must object to the proposal.

A major omission is the failure of the application to meet the requirements of the approved policy document, the East Sands Urban Design Framework, which requires a master plan for the whole area. As most of the surrounding area is in the ownership of the University, there should be no problems in taking the required approach.

This issue is particularly relevant to traffic movement. The inevitable consequence of this development would be to intensify use of the site with consequent increase in traffic and the production of parking problems in the very limited sea front leisure area.

The separation of business and leisure traffic and an enhancement to safety for adults and children should be a prime objective in the plans for this site, but this is notably absent. If the required master-planning approach was taken, opportunities would arise for a dedicated access and car parking solution to emerge by utilising part of Albany Park, for this purpose. It would allow the development to meet the requirements of Scottish Government and Fife Council transport policies, which the present proposal seriously breaches.

Locating a major building so near to the beach would represent a breach of the Urban Design Framework principles, including those to do with lack of privacy for bathers. These issues need to be given more attention than they are presently in the applicant’s documents.

The only viable solution for these issues would be for the current application to be withdrawn and a new application submitted which responds to the issues we have identified

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Thomson.
Secretary, The St Andrews Environmental Protection Association Ltd. (STEPAL)

St Andrews 13 February 2016


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